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To Post or Not to Post

As a marketer, I have noticed an increase in people turning to social media to pass the time. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or now the popular TikTok, people are on social media, and you need to be there too. Social media is more than just posting funny memes; it connects with your patients or potential new patients. Showing your brand, employee engagement in the office, the latest technology you are using, and what you are doing to make your current patients happy shows what is unique about your office.

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I had many people tell me they do not need social media. It can be a few factors why someone says this.

  1. They do not care to learn what is new with social media
  2. Think social media is overhyped
  3. Do not think social media will bring in patients
  4. Do not know what to post
  5. Hard getting staff to engage
  6. Do not have time to post

Is Social Media Important 

We have to accept the fact that technology is evolving, and we must evolve with it. Social media is just not for millennials. You have grandparents making funny videos now and getting millions of hits. I am not saying that what you post will get a million hits or thousands of followers. But when you stay consistent with posts and create engaging content it shows you are a business that is committed and wants to make a connection with their followers.

As a former manager that worked in a dental practice. I loved capturing moments at the office and taking photos or videos of birthday celebrations, announcing our employee and patient of the month, or announcing the latest winners of one of our office drawings. Our patients even loved seeing our staff out at restaurants celebrating the holidays. This created engagement and discussions with our followers online.

Videos are a wonderful way to engage with patients by showing the latest technology or educating patients with the latest information in dentistry or how-to videos.

Insights, Check your Data


What are Insights?

Social media analytics allow you to learn what your audience cares about. Your analytics aims to help you understand how people engage and interact with your post, so you can create more of the same content. Without checking the data, we will not know what is working and what we need to improve.

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