10 Effective Employee Retention Strategies

The Great Resignation

People finally found a way to leave their jobs that they were no longer happy at, and employers let staff go because of the shutdown. Yes, some businesses took a big financial hit during Covid.

Many businesses could not rehire staff back, and some took it as an opportunity not to have employees return. It is much of both equally. The staff is needed now that the world has returned to normal. Employers need help finding staff and keeping them.

The Employee Experience

  • What is your employee experience at your company?
  • Is your staff happy, or are they just there to do their time and leave?
  • Why should someone work for you?
  • Are you providing a satisfying, productive environment?

I see businesses in all industries struggling to find staff. Business owners and managers are telling me the same story. “I cannot find someone with experience; they do not show up for interviews, do not stay long, and quit after a brief time of working.

Are you giving current workers opportunities to advance their skills? Did you show appreciation for the staff who came in during and after the pandemic? I have heard frustration from many people. Companies have offered sign-on bonuses while not giving current employees the same incentive. Are you having employee reviews and annual raises? Check to see if you are in regulation with your state minimum wage https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/minimum-wage/state.

Keeping your Team Motivated

If you have not done so, thank your staff for a well-done job. Show them you appreciate them. Show them that you value their loyalty by staying with you. Acknowledging your team by saying, ‘thank you, I appreciate you.”
When an employee comes into work, is it a pleasant feeling from management, or are they coming into a hostile workplace? We all have bad days, but walking in with an attitude can change the energy and bring down the mood of your whole team.

Not having respect for your team, no communication, talking down, or insulting them in front of customers and other staff members can lead to insecurities, negative feelings, and unproductive work.

Here are 12 tips to keep employees engaged and motivated.

Work Environment

How does it feel, look, and smell when you walk into your place of business? Walking into a dreary office can set your mood/energy off. Brighten the office with natural light if you can, or change the lighting in the office. Low, dull lights can make you feel tired and nonproductive. Change the furniture and decoration in the office.

You can redecorate on a budget by visiting furniture stores and seeing what is on clearance or visiting sites selling furniture at a discounted price. Add new artwork to the office. I had a job where my desk faced a wall, and I had no windows. When we added a painting to the wall, it changed my mood, and I automatically felt better and was not closed in my space.

Essential oils have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Inhalation of lavender, lemon, jasmine, rosemary, or peppermint can cause many body changes and help improve job performance. Buying an air filter for the office, it will clean dirt, mold, pollen, and bacteria.

Why should I work for you?

New employees are asking themselves, why should I work for you? Do you offer benefits, incentives, and time off, and do you have a welcoming team? Most jobs do not offer the following and have team members who do not help onboard new staff. This leaves new hires abandoned and trying to learn new things independently. Which leads to frustration and them quitting.


Holding on to your team and hiring new employees that will stay

  • Highlight your current team. Show recognition for a job well done. Give out gift certificates or bonuses and share a video or photo showcasing the employee of the month on your social media page. Or you can do it privately.
  • Step outside of the office. Take the staff out to lunch or dinner. If you work on the weekends, stop and get breakfast or deliver it.
  • Visit the bowling alley, host a BBQ, mini-golf, hike, or book a walking tour. Volunteering in your local community is rewarding and may bring in new customers. (schools, community centers, and churches.
  • Offering benefits such as a 401k plan, medical insurance, paid time off, or a 4-day workweek.
  • Have productive office meetings to discuss goals and pain points in the office.
  • Schedule time to train new hires and cross-train your current staff.
  • Partner with local businesses to offer staff discounts: gyms, yoga studios, and healthy food stores. This is a great way to show staff you care about their mental awareness.
  • Offer mentorships, school, or online training courses for advancement opportunities
  • Visit schools and career counselors to offer hands-on internships/ training that can lead to employment. 

Having the reputation of being a good boss and having a company that cares about its workers is a huge benefit. Listen to what your staff says and let them know their opinions count. Having your manager or staff member present during the interview can help make the right decision in the hiring process.

Employee Retention Strategies

Download and print a copy of this article –Employee Retention Strategies to Keep Staff and Hiring People that will Stay

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