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I have over 20+ years of dental experience. My dental career began as a receptionist, moving up as an office manager, to a dental network recruiter. As an office manager, I was busy with day-to-day operations of handling the office needs. I found it hard being able to stay consistent with the marketing and managing the office and team. As a dental recruiter visiting offices, I saw a need to help with marketing and training of staff to bring organization and team engagement. I am honest, confidential, creative, and want to bring new and exciting ideas to you.

My role is to connect with you and your team to define what it is about your practice and services that set you apart from other offices. I help with team motivation and engagement. I create beautiful, custom campaigns and engage the whole team so that each marketing initiative will deliver maximum return on investment. Sometimes you need that extra hand and not to worry. Ingram Creative Concepts is that hand. I will meet with you in person or through Zoom so we can create and collaborate on content creation that truly represents your practice, your way.

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Dental Marketing


Promote steady business growth

Establish value and be recognized by your patients and community

Strategy on How to get the reviews from your current patients and attract new patients

Brochures/ New Patient Packages

Create and schedule custom posts and captions on social media

Create Monthly Newsletters/Blog

Office Photography

Business Marketing

Creating Engaging Content for your Customers

Photography Services

Photography Services

Portrait Services

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The Best in the Business is what I would use to describe Keyanna! She is professional, knowledgeable, and very friendly. She touches the heart of all she comes in contact with. She is a gem to have on anyone’s team… Her work ethics are outstanding. In a scary world of dental, an individual like Keyanna is a huge asset as she will go the extra mile to even hold your hand if you are afraid. It is a pleasure to have known her at my dental office. -H.T.

I worked with Keyanna for over 10 years, she was my manager at the dental office. I am blessed with a manager like her. She is a leader, a hard worker, and cared about our patients. She handled the marketing for the office with office photography, patient gifts, social media posts, and employee engagement. -L.G.

Great Newsletter! I am so happy to be patient and a big fan of this practice! -T.M.

My family and I had the pleasure to have an outstanding, amazing photoshoot session. Keyanna was punctual, professional, and one of the biggest things that I loved the most, was her taking the precautions to keep our family safe during this pandemic. She wore her mask the entire time, washing her hands frequently, and making sure we were staying along with or practicing social distancing was a plus for me. I was completely comfortable with the process and so was my family. Our photos are beautiful, and I thank you for making memories. I have already confirmed our Spring photoshoot outdoors. -Kimberly


Keyanna Ingram


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